Earth Day Should Be Everyday!

I know we all try and be conscientious of how our existence impacts the environment, but it's even easier when we make it our routine rather than just a random occurrence. Here are a few buying tips and Etsy items that can make this task an easier one!
1.) Buy upcycled:
Etsy seller paperama informs, "This fabulous wire bound journal is made of all kinds of papers, scraps and envelopes that I have been collecting over the years. The cover is bound in natural kraft paper and decorated with a paper cloud on the cover. Inside there are ~ 50 pages as well as several envelopes in different colours, weights and sizes to make writing lots of fun."

2). Buy organic:
Etsy seller curleycreations tells us, "Grown without toxic chemicals or pesticides, organic cotton is healthier for the earth’s soil and water, animals, farmers, manufacturers, and finally, YOU. Conventional cotton production uses 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of the world's pesticides (including herbicides and defoliants), despite using only 3% of the world's cropland."

Organic Cotton Napkins Leaf Print by curleycreations

3.) Buy recycled:
Etsy seller GreenPost describes, "These 100% recycled paper pulp buttons are hand fabricated by yours truly! I created these specifically to find a good way to re-use all the useless bills, receipts, tags and other "junk" paper that comes into my life."

4.) Buy vintage:
Etsy seller ZaqsVintageAndDesign says, "I try to make every suitcase, purse, or bag unique. Each piece is distinctively vintage, holding a story from each previous owner. Aside from the suitcases, purses, and bags I try to find other pieces that would normally be over-looked or thrown away, carelessly. I like giving new life to things that would normally end up in a landfill."

Upcycled Vintage Very Small Suitcase by ZaqsVintageAndDesign

5.) Buy items to reuse rather than discard:
Etsy seller LucyBlaireCreations describes her item, "This handmade bag is perfect for trips to the grocery store or shopping mall. Its made of two layers of water resistant oilcloth with an orange floral pattern on the outside and a green gingham pattern on the inside. The double layers work to contain spill or leaky foods and the two layers also add strength and make the bag nice and sturdy."

Large Orange Oilcloth Bag by LucyBlaireCreations


Dissolutus said...

I love how you wrote all of this at work lol.
Really cool btw, good tips.

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thank you for supporting my effort to recycle and re-use paper! It is very encouraging to be featured in your blog and makes me feel like my work is appreciated. Although it is very nice to make sales, ultimately I am doing this to make a difference to protect nature's precious resources.
I also really enjoyed the other fabulous creations & inventive artists you have featured!
Thanks and Happy Earth Day Everyday!

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate the fact that others enjoy my photography and it keeps me very encouraged. Like you, I can't wait to get out in the gardens again, to watch what pops through the earth...so satisfying! I'm also honoured to be included with the other amazing artists you've featured...bless you and thank you.