Enjoying Vacay Memories Just a Bit Longer...

We finally got the rest of the SF trip photos uploaded and I couldn't help but want to share them! My bf took all of these in Muir Woods, which is a state park to the North across the Golden Gate Bridge. I must admit that getting there was almost as much fun as hiking through the trees! One follows this winding road almost to the top of what seems to be a mountain and then you get to take it back down (and it winds even more)! The only thing that was a little unnerving was the cyclists that frequent the area. They ride on the road along with the cars and so corners have to be taken VERY carefully.

All of the photos here have sunlight bursting through them, so I apologize for the lack of variety, but they're my favorite! The photos that are more well lit tended to be washed out, so yeah. Regardless, this was a hike to be remembered, even as short as it was. The random springs crawling between the rocks were so neat and the breathtaking size of these trees was... just that!

I have to say I'm thrilled that Friday is upon us; I've only got hours left until my weekend begins. Tomorrow we're going to look for Morels (maybe) and stop by the Farmer's Market! I have been slacking on the Etsy front recently and can't wait to dive back in. I've got both vintage and handmade goods to photograph/list, yay!

Also, I've applied to a position at my company's headquarters that's been my dream job/goal for the past four or five years! I've got a lot of support from co-workers and even some upper management, so I'm hoping this goes well, heh.

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