Just in time for Spring!

It's about time I was productive! I got three handknit terracotta planter cozies put on Etsy tonight... I've had them made up forever, I just needed the perfect day to photograph them - and goodness was it ever beautiful today. This may be the first day we've seen temps over eighty and I quite enjoyed it (except for the airconditioning in my car malfunctioning).

I spent part of the afternoon in the library and I can't help but be in love. I've always enjoyed reading, researching and whiling away the hours in those hallowed buildings. My sister and I are going to learn Mandarin, so it's been an immense help. Also, I've been incredibly inspired by a very wide variety of crafting books - I'm even exploring jewelry-making and weaving! Is it just me or do you get this warm fuzzy feeling from learning new things too?

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