I'm late, I know

It was a long holiday season, I know, but it also was a productive one!
I went to a concert at a small coffee shop in Saginaw and was asked by the owner if I would like her to sell scarves and such next winter! I was working on a scarf and she just pulled up a chair and sat down with me... It really is an honor, before then I never had considered selling my work. I'm thrilled and seriously plan on taking her up on that offer...

First and foremost I'd like to show you my Cascade yarn shrug from ages ago. I still didn't feel like modeling, so I made my sister... heh.

A month or so ago I started a scarf for my boyfriend in "entrelac" style from knitty.com (except without the random purple squares, heh). This uses Patons Classic Marino wool and is a lot of fun, not very challenging, really.
I'm only annoyed that I can't remember the number of stitches to pick up (each of the five squares/triangles are different in their own ways) so I'm always referring to the directions. This makes for a bit more lengthy process, but is overally pleasant. While my bf was here we picked up a very warm and soft double-sided (black and light grey) fleece to cover up the messy looking back side. Because I'm covering it up I also decided to slack off a bit and just tie and cut off all my end scragglers from changing colors at the end of each row... don't do as I do!

I also started, and am nearing the completion of a coin purse from knitty.com (my bestest friends in the world, lol)! I first made cables here; I've always wanted to start a cable project. The yarn is supposedly 100% cashmere and I just picked it up from a hand-dyed store on ebay. Let's just say it was about 1/4 of the price of the Joseph Galler Pashmina that the pattern called for... Hopefully I finish this week and I'm looking into picking up some material for the inner lining, as well as beads. I've already got the clasp at least...

Finally, this weekend I made a pair of fingerless mittens. My mom got me Weekend Knitting for Christmas , so I decided to tackle these little buggers. They were really simple, only took about two and a half hours a piece and because I used 10.5 size needles, they didn't use a whole lot of yarn. I had some Red Heart Symphony lying around in earthy brown to use anyway. They're delightfully soft and warm, I only wonder how the fuzziness will last in snow... My sister loves them and is requisitioning a pair. I might consider making a pair in each size and a few colors to sell... we'll see!

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