Completed - Encore Une Fois

Well, I finished the infameous purse. The sewing was annoying though, so I plan on avoiding making another one if possible. It's true that my boss said she wanted one... it's pretty horrible to say no to her, but tough love in the sewing department. I'm pleased with the overall look of the purse, but it's very delicate feeling as well.

Last week I stopped into the quaint little shop called The Bird's Nest on the corner of Tittabawassee and Kochville roads. It had some really nice antique-y furniture upstairs and in the basement (if you can call it that) there's a good amount of yarn. There's less than the shop I ususally go to for specialty yarn on State Park Drive, but I think it's more expensive and a little more rare. I'm not in need of any yarn at the moment, but they had a basket of single balls for half price and well... that can't be passed up. If I happen to find a specific project for either I can buy more online anyway.... heh.

Plymouth - Firenze
30% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 40% Nylon
aqua and sage

Filatura Di Crosa - Batuffolo Print
35% Polyamid, 30% Wool, 20% Acrylic, 15% Alpaca
grey boucle-ish with brown fuzz and random stripes in rainbow colors

I also read an article on recycled yarn and got really anxious to try it so I stopped to goodwill... I found this (granny) sweater in a lambswool, angora, nylon blend and it had all "good" seams, so I took it home and began to cut... Unfortunately, I'm missing my brand new sharp, little scissors, so the cutting didn't go so well and now I can salvage only small pieces of the yarn. Next time I will take more care in that portion of the process....

The yarn looks to be two ply, though it's not really plied, they just used two strands next to one another when they made it. Sigh. I also pulled of some of the pearly beads and kept them. For what I'm not sure, but you never know... I'll stop to the one in Saginaw sometime and look for more. It's likely that I'll have better results in the summer since it's so chilly here. If I get some salvageable pieces from a wool sweater I'd like to dye it. Seems easy enough and kool-aid works for me...

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