Rolling in Sweaters!

So last weekend I made a couple of stops to Goodwill and one to Salvation Army. Jenny and I hit up the Mt. Pleasant location, so no stone was left unturned! We took them back to her apartment and I showed her the basics of ripping them apart. She took to it like a cat to uh, cat nip and had that nice red wool cabled sweater ripped apart the same night! I also left her with a couple of stitch patterns, so we'll see what she comes up with next time I'm out, heh.

In total I got my hands on four wool sweaters (plus a co-worker brought me one from Salvation Army this week). The three that are white/off-white I'd like to take apart first so that if I have time this weekend I can begin dying!! If you have any suggestions for colors (Kool-Aid flavors!) let me know!

These two sweaters I'll probably get to later, but they both have some nice cabling, which'll give me a lot of yardage.

This is the result of the last sweater I took apart (my second), a mohair/wool/acrylic blend, that was somewhat cumbersome in the disassembling portion. The color isn't that nice, but it's quite fuzzy at least.

During my disassembling of sweaters I havn't been knitting a whole lot, but I at least finished off one fingerless mitten. I planned to make a size small, but the yarn (Lang Bloom) just didn't want to knit more loosely, so it's more of an extra small now... I think even Sarah's tiny hands had a hard time fitting.... ah well, an owner will be found.

Well, if you need me this weekend you know where I'll be and what I'll be doing! Yesss, at home throwing a disassembling/dying/washing free for all!!

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