Jellyfish Progression and Vintage Yarn Aquisition!

The jellyfish is coming along quite well. I picked up some dpns and they worked quite well. At this point I only have two tentacles to finish and then it's off to the final dye-job for Mr. Jelly! I am overally pleased with the look of it and especially the slight curvature in the tentacles that wasn't intentional, but look good.

Last week I had some extra time and stopped into the Goodwill in Bay City. It was there I picked up three sweaters to feed my appetite for recycled yarn... woooo. I'm excited to rip 'em apart once I finish the jellyfish...

From left to right: 100% wool, ??? (bulky blue cotton?), and 100% polyester ribbon

I also decided to wander about the store to kill time and happened upon some vintage yarn! Who would've thought I'd find it?! There were numerous balls of leftover yarn, but a few skeins still had the packaging with them (although all are acrylic). The brown and beige are Mary Maxim Starlette and I found a maroon colored one from JC Penny. Any idea when JC Penny sold yarn?! It's been that long, heh.

I also saw some cute-y brown shoes on my way out... normally I don't get shoes from Goodwill, but these had obviously never been wore before and are most definately from Target (Mossimo). I need brown dress shoes and who can pass up brand new $3 shoes??

Finally, but most importantly, Fern finished a design for my tags. These will be attached to any knitting I sell, likely by hemp or some neutral tone of embroidery floss. The scan below is not the finished product, I'll have to update with the final copy soon. They now say "Knitting Fiend" not "Knit Fiend" and there's an awesome logo of my initals in the corner. I can't wait to sell things just so I can put these things all over it!

A final note: Are these new?? You can't tell what generation they're selling to... My parents wouldn't tell their friends to IM them... lol. I was just amused by them and thought I'd share...

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