A Scarf Rut

So, I've been keeping pretty busy with scarves for selling purposes this winter, well at least I was. I all of a sudden had the incredible urge to make something more thrilling... I switched over to Sarah's fingerless mittens and finished those. How boring!! Garter stitch for-ev-er... blech. It was much worse than the scarf scenario...

Oh yes, and she already lost one of them!! GRRR!

I then returned to scarves and finished that knotty-bark-thing. It looks a rather hideous green below, but it really is a nice shade of green...

For the sake of being productive I cast on (another!) scarf using a diagonal floating stitch. I really seem to like the look of floating stitches I guess, because it seems that's all I'm ever doing...

Oh, and my second original floating stitch grey scarf I've totally been avoiding... Unlike the first it's nastily curling inward. I know that will soon be cured with a bit of blocking, but it's so hideous and my eyes just can't tolerate another scarf at the moment...

There is some good news though. I finally found the new lys in downtown Midland, Lily Lane Knits. It's a quaint little shop with a good number of rarities that can't be found in Bay City, Saginaw or Mt. Pleasant. It's rather sad that I don't actually have a "local" yarn shop, just three or four in cities from 15 to 55 minutes away... ah well. (There's more of a selection that way...)

Araucania Magallanes
100% Wool
(Beautiful rich blue to golden yellow)

Numei Jubilee
90% Extra Fine Merino Wool
10% Nylon

Just this week I joined several KALs, including the "Sexy Knitters Club", which I'm rather thrilled about. This month they're doing two beautiful sweaters: Orangina and the Somewhat Cowl. I've already ordered six skeins of Rowan's light blue 4 ply cotton for Orangina, which I'm hoping to finish for mom for mother's day. I'll most likely tackle Somewhat Cowl later on as a gift to myself (yay)!

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