EDIT: Skacel shipped a new Addi today and I should receive it by Monday! Thanks to everyone who helped me in my time of need!!

Well, last week I started Orangina and I've ripped out more rows than I've finished... I really don't mind, just as long as I finish before Mother's Day, that's all I ask... Even more horror yesterday afternoon... I was working on it in my statistics lecture, put it in my bag and sprinted through the icy wind and rain to my car. I had a few minutes in between my next lecture so I got it out and to my horror... THE ENTIRE ADDI TURBO BROKE! Who breaks an addi turbo?! Seriously! I bought the US 3, 24" circular like the pattern called for and I could only find an addi in that size so I paid 3x the normal amount of a needle for the addi, hoping I'd be able to finish faster, justifying that it was for my mom and so I could spend a bit more, etc. I can't find the package to find out if there's maybe a warranty or something... You'd think that if it breaks (completely off) in less than a week they'd send you another or something.... If ANYONE has any idea of how to curb my rage, please let me know! I've already made an emergency stop to pick up another (much less expensive, but 16") needle, so I can work on it, but I really want some money back or something... eesh...

Oh, the pain!!

I might have picked up two skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes to console myself... I love the colors and it was clearance!!

Lion Landscapes
50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
"Country Sunset (?)"


Molly said...

The all metal Addis are supposed to be guaranteed against breakage. This is heard straight from the Skacel rep's mouth at a guild meeting. Send them back to them.

justcinful said...

You can contact someone at Skacel about their guarentee on the addis. Here is an email address of one of them: rob@skacelknitting.com