I don't want to talk about it.

The Bird's Nest had a sale. Everything in the store was 40% to 50% off. Meijer also has som major clearances on random yarn... That's all I have to say about that... you just gawk at the damage...

Mod Dea Cache

Tahki Jolie (angora!) and Tahki Cotton Classic

In no Particular order: Zarone (for the cable footies in weekend knitting), Renolds Lite-Lopi, Lion Homespun (super cheap), Tahki Bunny Prints, Plymouth Yarns Sockotta, Sugar 'n Cream (for the Mason-Dixon Warshrag)

Oh and not to mention I've picked up an Addi Turbo, a set of Brittany DPNs (my new favorite!), a pair of straight Clovers and a set of US 1 DPNs to make socks with the new Sockotta! I believe I'm going to do the Pom Squad pattern off of Mag Knits (minus the poms). I need a nice pair of ankle socks...

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