Can one purchase too much yarn in a short time frame?

Well, I didn't photograph it all, but I picked up a bunch of random skeins of yarn on sale/clearance... I got two skeins of Patons' Grace (100% Mercerized Cotton) in Champagne as well as two skeins of Patons' Classic Wool (in a light blue and a buttery color). You'll see the rest below...

Orangina has made a bit of progress, I've finished the first side and have cast on and completed a few rows of the second. At this point I can definately say I'm not going to make the Mother's Day deadline... but I know she'll understand...

Not quite updated photo...

The Tube-y scarf with the new Tosca is coming along bit by bit... I've got one I-Cord finished and one and three-quarters left...

Aww... they're friends...

Lion Brand Landscapes
Pastel Meadow
(on clearance!)

Random Craft Yarn from the Dollarama in Montreal...
100% Polyester

Katia Kena
45% Wool, 35% Acrylic, 13% Nylon, 7% Alpaca
Burnt Orange
(50% off from Rupunzel's in Frankenmuth)

I showed mom the incredibly soft (and rather expensive) Sari Silk I picked up from Frankenmuth and she suggested I make a pillow out of it. I know I can finish a pillow in less than a week, so Orangina is put on halt for the pillow. I already got about 2.5" into it and realized my pattern was rather indistinguishable so I ended up frogging the entire thing and am going to opt to use needles larger than US 8... we'll see how that works out.

Mango Moon Recycled Silk
100% Sari Silk

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