Back from a break!

Well, I finished up my last two classes last week and topped it off with a nice four day weekend. I'm thrilled to be finished, but I'm still anxious to find a job. If anyone has a lead on a marketing research position I might love you forever and shower you with yarn for the rest of my existence...

One of the lys in Saginaw went out of business (it was my favorite!) and I picked up some gorgy yarn at 50% off... (That's my favorite kind of yarn, heh.)

Berroco Quest, Plymouth Spazzini and Charles Ritratto

A guy a work with was at a garage sale and happened to think of me (thank God!) when he saw this gargantuan box of needles for $2! There are a couple of circulars and maybe a dozen sets of both dpns and straight needles hiding in there, heh. I have a feeling I won't be buying any for some time...

At a family gathering not too long ago my (only knitting) aunt gave me a couple of copies of Vogue Knitting, which I'd glanced at on Barnes and Noble shelves, but never purchased. She'd saw a summer tank which she thought I'd enjoy making and I agree that it's pretty cute, heh. (For those of you that have the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting, it's on page 46 - Jordana Paige's Slanted Opinion.)
I fell in love with Vogue's Stitchionary and thusly felt compelled to purchase Stitchionary 2 once it came out. The cable work is so beautiful and complex, however, I don't find myself making a lot of "traditional" knits. It's been suggested that I make an afghan featuring various cables and as soon as I catch up on the rest of my projects, bien sur!

I might have traded a certain knitting book for two balls of Cascade Fixation and a set of dpns... (Did I mention those dpns are Brittanys?! Birch is my favorite to work with, heh...) Ankle socks, here I come!!

Through whipup I got involved in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap and loved it! I had a great time searching for items to wrap up and I loved the yarn I received. I'd thank whoever sent mine, but I'm not exactly sure who sent it... I've always had a hard time reading handwriting and this is no change. Thank you (Au.....)!

Beautiful ribbon, stitch markers and Rowan Print

I haven't had a lot of time, but I'll flash a couple of quick projects I completed. (I'm still drudging through Orangina though it's moving much more quickly and I've still got a Father's Day sock on the needles...)

A small (semi-felted) skull pin in honor of Death Cab for Cutie...

A very quick drop stitch scarf knit with a Be Sweet Magic Ball in African veldt. I got this yarn for half price and couldn't have been happier with it. I would like so much to purchase a ball in every color... and it's for a good cause, so why not?!

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