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However unrelated to knitting this is... my sister recently suggested I make a shirt stating her feelings concerning the Paris Hilton happenings. I couldn't say no! Luckily I finished just in time... for Paris to skip off to her mansion, that is.

Partially cut out freezer paper template (with plastic side down)

Fully cut template ready for ironing!

Thriftstore t-shirt with fabric paint


Most steadfast in her standpoint

Now... what do I make next with freezer paper?! I'm horrific with the iron and was afraid I'd melt the plastic to the shirt, but it was just enough to keep the paint from spreading. It also peeled off the shirt (a rayon/spandex blend - gotta love Old Navy) very nicely. This was a fun and fairly simple project (except for the exact-ish cutting of the letters) and I can't wait to do more!

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JK said...

That's a very cute t-shirt. You did a good job! Looks like it should have ended up on Busted Tees or something.