Finally some FOs! Orangina was at the top of my (and my mom's) list to complete. The backside seemed to go much more quickly than the front (because I finally stopped messing around and memorized the stunningly easy pattern). The ribbing in the waist was somewhat horrifying, but I got through it in the end...

I also managed to knit up Katja from Knitty.com for a friend of mine. The pattern was simple, so I did all the ridges in an alternate color to brighten(?!) the outfit up. I wish I'd gotten a hold of the yarn the pattern called for, but was short on time and cash so I used leftover Sugar 'n Cream.

Unfortunately this is one of those situations in which gage really matters and I happened to not check it. Alexia's outfit was twice as wide as I had orginally intended... In order to compensate I just affixed a few buttons on either side (so the inside edge had to be buttoned first) and added some makeshift button holes to either end of the outfit. It was a disaster on my part, but hopefully it makes the overall clothes putting-on/removal process a bit easier for mom and dad...
Happy first birthday, Alexia!

My sister and I made a trek to Salvation Army the other day in search of a tall cake platter - we found a gorgy silver one - and I found a beautiful worsted to bulky weight cotton J Crew sweater. I couldn't help bringing the poor lonely thing home to take care of... (This photo of my sister modeling is representative of the warm, light green color.)

I dismantled the body in hopes to attach the sleeves together in shrug/mini-sweater form, as I don't want to lose all of the beautiful cabling. I've played around a bit with ideas, so hopefully it turns out to be wearable! The yarn splits horribly, but I'm still in awe of the softness of the cotton and the soothing green color, so it'll just have to do!

Oh - who can resist a bit of yarn pr0n? I picked up two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport from Lily Lane Knits in Midland. (Try saying that five times fast!) I'm excited to knit socks, but I'm having a difficult time with laddering where the needles meet... any suggestions? I'm working on a pair of ankle socks in Cascade Fixation, but I'm ashamed to show them because of the horrible laddering... meh.

Why is using blogger so difficult on a Mac?! I just got myself an imac and now when the photos upload they do so in html and I can never remember which image is which. (I usually just leave the images coded by my digital camera.) I also lost the option to justify my text. Sure I know enough html to bolden or italicize, but that's about the extent of my skills... At least it will let me spell check and insert photos, but I need my automatic justification and hyperlinks!! Really - I need help!


FlippyTWS said...

I didn't make it to see Stephanie, we ended up having some family obligations that day. Maybe she'll come back some day. Your Orangina turned out great!

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