I told you I'd use the freezer paper again! This time I picked up a green t-shirt from Goodwill and decided to use the green for what only made the most sense.

Aaaand I finished the Reduce Reuse Recycle bag from MagKnits comprised entirely of Meijer grocery bags! The knitting went rather quickly... however, cutting up 22 bags took a fair amount of time. I'll admit that my spiral cutting speed greatly improved over time though.


FlippyTWS said...

Wow! I hadn't seen this pattern yet. What a great idea, although the thought of cutting up all those bags makes me hesitate at making my own. I just finished a reusable bag myself to take to the grocery store. However, it always seems although I have good intentions of using reusable bags that half the time I end up at the store and at the check out before I realize that I've forgotten them in the car or at home.

slugmom said...

my mom's been doing the knifty knitter thingie with strips of meijer bags, too! Made a few.
She'll freak when she finds out she's cool and trendy!
LOVE the c0rny in the corn pix. It's made me want to go take corn pix!