Yarn Acquisition or Goodwill: How do I love thee?

The other night I made a stop to Goodwill... and stumbled upon this:

That's right. A huge bag of yarn... all for five dollars! Let me give you a description of the contents...

From the bottom left going clockwise:
  • 12 Full skeins of Bernat Frosting (in Ruby Frost)
  • 4 Full skeins of Reynolds Suzie
  • 3 Full balls (and 6 partials) of Anny Blatt Magnolia
  • 1 Full skein of Caron Cotton Terry (in Mint Green)
  • 1 Full skein of Phildar Ondiameche
  • 2 Full skeins (and 1 partial) of Bernat Frosting (in Pearl Frost)
  • 2 partial skeins of different purple yarns
Oh, Goodwill, I do love you so!

1 comment:

kim said...

no WAY! Sweet!
how come I never make finds like that?

my friend sent me this:

I'm debating whether I need more yarn when I already have totes full ... LOL

maybe I should knit more, procure less?