Just a little Taste!

I've just finished a round of headbands to list on Etsy; now all we need is good weather so I can take photos! I'm afraid it might not be until next week however... what a shame.

A bit about the headbands themselves... the majority of the bands themselves are super skinny matte black (metal). I guess I prefer that style because with thin hair you realize how silly a really thick band usually looks, heh. The backing is made from 100% natural cotton or 100% recycled plastic bottles (depending on the color).

All of the materials used to make the headbands' additions are vintage or at the very least reclaimed. All of the yarn used was from sweaters that I unraveled (which took FOREVER, but was fun). I also used vintage lace and random vintage crafty items (like the goose in the photo above).

These puppies wear really enjoyable to make and I've still got some leftover headbands, so I'll be making some more in the near future!


WvLampworkArtist1 said...

hello. those are very pretty. how creative! I am following your blog and you can follow mine as well if you wish. Awesome blog you have!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I bought that headband!

ec said...


You win! : D