Spring Headbands in the Shop!

If these headbands are as hard to resist wearing by myself, I hope they draw some attention on Etsy! I finally convinced the boyf to take some photos last weekend and they turned out alright, but hopefully it's warm enough that I can do them outside without freezing!

These guys are put together using (mostly) recycled or vintage materials that I've picked up locally. I loved knitting all the little leaves (a lot more than I enjoyed tearing up all the sweaters to get the yarn, haha).

This is the guy that started it all! I picked him up and finally decided he needed to be worn on the body, not shoved into a planter in a dark corner! He's really quite soft and I just hope he finds a good home where he's worn a lot ; )


Megan said...

I agree! Your little goose is much cuter on a headband than in a corner under a plant!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that goose is adorable! I want it now!

Now I have my eye on your shop; I might consider buying something one day...