FINALLY, Updates

I had a very enjoyable week! My sisters and I went geocaching for the first time on Wednesday afternoon... which was also the hottest, with a high of 95 and VERY high humidity. We were only able to tolerate the sweltering sun for a long enough to uncover three caches, but it was a very fun and rewarding process. I'd like to do some that require some puzzle solving now! Unfortunately, my youngest sister left today to move to San Diego to finally be with her bf... it's not unfortunate, really. I'm very excited that she'll have a new job, a better college program, and company, but I'm really going to miss her!

Last night I listed my new knit necklaces! The above was made with crochet thread that my boss gave me (from who knows when) and cassette tape. The soft brown and white really go well together, not to mention the matte of the thread and the shine of the tape make each other stand out!

The yellow and black necklace was made out of plastic grocery bags, or "plarn". I have a lot of fun making the plarn and then knitting with it. It really gives one a good feeling when you can create all aspects of your piece, from your material to finished product. Plus, how can one not get that warm, fuzzy feeling from keeping plastic out of a landfill?

OH YEAH. I also added a sale section to my Etsy shop. Over half of my vintage items are now at least 25% so I can add new vintage and transition more towards a balance of at least half handmade.
I haven't quite finished my Etsy ad yet, but I'm very close. If I'm able to avoid distraction this weekend (ahem, ahem bf!), then I'll submit it before Monday turns. Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

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