Onward and Soundward

Well, I finally finished with my Etsy ad. It was one of the most miserable experiences I've had (other than spending quality artsy time with the bf). I had to submit it FIVE times to Etsy in order to get them to encode it right and now it's really grainy. Etsy actually told me to not submit it again, but if Magnify.net encoded any video other than .avi correctly I wouldn't have had to! GRRR.

Anyway, please view it HERE! You don't even need to rate it, but viewcounts matter.

On another front, I've been on a music kick lately! I'm always on the prowl for good music to listen to, but lately it's intense, almost primal ; ) My bf introduced me to "The Great Lakes Swimmers" who are good, but at the same time I want to rock out to some classic AC/DC - not their new crap, haha.

Last night I listed some classic vinyl in my Etsy shop to help curb this music-hunger. The inner sleeve of this Tom Petty album is to die for!

This sleeve is sweet as well! That guy on the right (Hall or Oates??) kind of looks like Borat... I also listed some Sergio Mendez, Eddie Money and Alan Parsons!

Since I've had summer music on the brain, here's a recent playlist of mine. Most of the songs were free from iTunes, the Urban Outfitters blog or friends. Enjoy!

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