Oh, how bad I've been!

Is it really so awful to enjoy one's summer? To enjoy the first bit of pleasant weather with the people one loves? I hope not or else I've been naughty! My weekends haven't been all that productive as of late, nor have my weeks for that matter. I've been preoccupied with "gaming" as it were. Although I'm not "hardcore" or anything, I do tend to "geek out" from time to time...

I can say that I've been doing quite a bit of studying up on various crafty techniques and reading in general. Right now I'm studying how to lift rubbings from gravestones, etc. It's a lot more interesting than I would've ever imagined, heh.

Anyway, I bid you adieu so that I may not be productive for some more time and I leave you with an interpretation of Nouvelle Vague's cover of "In a Manner of Speaking". Enjoy : )

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5erg said...

enjoy the summer! :)