Summer Cure for the Doldrums

I have to be honest; I got incredibly excited when I read about Etsy's promotional video contest. I had, just hours earlier, sketched out an idea for a video and was pondering other ideas when I ran across it. I'm not a seasoned or even skilled director, but I do have a few videos floating around youtube. Luckily, my bf has some experience and even thought about entering film school - yay for help!

Anyway... I've pretty much put all crafting endeavors on hold until I get this puppy filmed, as it requires some involved crafting skills. In the meantime, I'll try to keep you entertained as best I can! Thus, here are some commercial and vintage items that would make for a great outfit with plenty of cash left for summer fun!


Dissolutus said...

Plus it's a good thing you have a Mac. It'll probably make video editing much easier.

badermodia said...

Can't wait to see it.