Updates from Left and Right

What a weekend it was! The bf and I finished taking what seemed like a million photos for the Etsy ad. This week I'll be editing all of them for the final compilation and hopefully will have it submitted this weekend!

In regards to the shop, I'll be adding a sale section sometime next week (you'll hear about it here first) with vintage goods marked down 25%! It's time for me to clear out space so I can add more handmade items.

Finally, on the blog front I've been feeling very "earthy" as of late, so the next featured Etsy items will be in categories in praise of Mother Earth herself! You'll see items in the following categories: wood (e.g. paper, etc.), clay (terracotta), metal, organic (herbs, leathers, wools, etc.). If you have any suggestions for items that fit these categories, please comment with a link. Thanks!


KnockKnocking said...

beautiful lovely photo!

ec said...

I know, right? They've got some great onese!